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This company was founded by Mrs. Johnnie Liliedahl, an oil painter and amazing teacher who spent a large part of her life teaching her craft.  

Along with her husband, Ralph, we've grown from being a mom and pop shop, but we still care deeply about our artist customers and treat them like family. 

It is still our mission to provide high quality learning to artists while showcasing the master artists who love to share their knowledge and passion with you through our videos.

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We could have called this video "Painting’s Greatest Hits" because it contains 97 segments taken from our other full-length videos with the purpose of demonstrating tips and techniques that you can practice right as you watch.  

You’ll be able to pause, try out the technique, and restart the video as often as you’d like until you’ve mastered the desired skills.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover when you add this video to your resource library:
    • Watch as Morgan Weistling explains the benefits and shows you how easy it is to stretch your own canvas so you can get it just right.
    • Daniel Greene shares The Basics of Brushes and how each can help you enhance your painting – every artist knows the right brush can make all the difference in the world.
    • If you want to learn about the different temperatures” of color, just watch as John Cosby makes sense of it all for you. 
    • Do you like to paint while outside? Let Lynn Gertenbach show you how to compare values and colors while creating your masterpiece in the great outdoors. 
    • Jeffery Watts will model how to expertly draw individual features, a technique that many artists find difficult and frustrating – you’ll have this skill in no time!
    • Robert Johnson helps you with still-life painting, a favorite for many paint artists – he’ll show you how to set up the colors, shapes, and values so the piece has an artistic resonance once done.
    • In nature, no two roses are alike and Jean Chambers will share her technique for making this true in your paintings, too. 
    • And so much more!
    There’s over 2 hours of instruction that you can put to use the minute this package arrives.

    You’ll learn from the world’s best artists teaching their most secret painting tips – Richard Schmid, Scott Burdick, David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw, Daniel Greene, Florence Academy's Daniel Graves, Neil Patterson, Alexey Steele, and Floral painter Kathy Anderson just to name a few.

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    P.S. We thought you would like to see a list of all the incredible artists who are on this free video. 

    It covers landscape painting, portrait painting, figurative painting, still life painting, architecture painting, animal painting, plein air painting, watercolor, oil, pastel and much more.

    Some of the top artists in the world are featured, including legendary masters like Richard Schmid, Daniel Greene, David Leffel, Max Ginsburg, Florence Academy's Daniel Graves, Sherie McGraw, Howard Terpning, Morgan Weistling, Katheryn Stats and more. 

    Look at the list:
    Kathy Anderson  -  Ken Auster  -  Gweneth Barth  -  Irby Brown  -  Scott Burdick  -  John Michael Carter  -  Jean Chambers  -  Cheri Christensen  -  Scott Christensen  -  John Cosby  -  Tim Deibler  -  Don Demers  -  Joshua Fallik  -  West Fraiser  -  Lynn Gertenbach  -  Max Ginsberg  -  Urlich Gleiter  -  Daniel Graves  -  Daniel Greene  -  Susan Harrison-Tustain  -  Robert A. Johnson  -  Daniel Keys  -  Erik Koeppel  -  Gregg Kreutz  -  David A. Leffel  -  Jeff Legg  -  Johnnie Liliedahl  -  Huihan Lui  -  Sherrie McGraw  -  David A. Leffel  -  Hedi Moran  -  Neil Patterson  -  Jean Perry  -  Scott Tallman Powers  -  Elizabeth Robbins  -  William A. Schneider   -  Richard Schmid  -  Kathryn Stats  -  Alexey Steele  -  Bryan Mark Taylor  -  Howard Terpning  -  Sylvia Trybek  -  Jeffrey R. Watts  -  Morgan Weistling  -  Jim Wilcox  -  Zhaoming Wu  -  Xiang Zhang.
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